Enclosed is a link to the IUSW website where you can download in one easy click our 17th December 2008 Carol Singing and Mulled Wine Evening for ‘International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers’. http://www.iusw.org/node/53

The event is a serious evening based in St Anne’s C of E church in Soho with a minute silence for the five women who were murdered in Ipswich two years ago.   This will be followed by carol singing and a collection for the xtalkproject.net and Safety First Coalition in and around Soho.

Whilst there is a serious intent and theme, the evening however will be mainly light hearted as the night progresses.  Currently amongst the other supporters mentioned on the leaflet, Westminster Choir are sending a couple of members to help us sing and the Chancellor of the Diocese of Europe is making a special appearance as Father Christmas.

It would be so good if you could support this event by lending us your voice as we all try to speak out in our own way about the issues that are affecting sex workers currently.

Please cross post to all your networks and tell everyone you know.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle on 17th December and suitable Christmas attire welcome!

Branch Secretary of the GMB IUSW

Sex Work branch


Sponsored by www.MadPedro.com

See you all on the 17th December for the End Violence Against Sex Workers Event in Soho, more details can be found on their website


Adult entertainment has always been around ever since the beginning of history and had flourished throughout the years. As time goes by, more and more people are now opening to the idea of sexuality and eroticism and thus a huge industry is born. There are many things that spread our knowledge about the human sexuality, from video, the Internet to erotic magazines and even mainstream books, there is clear evidence on how open we are to our sexuality today.

The adult entertainment has a steady stream of market mostly targeting men from ages 14 to 60, sometimes older. There are even some blogs around the Internet say that many technologies today are developed due to our inner desires of capturing or enhancing our sexual experiences. Whether they are true or not, there is no denying that new age cameras, gadgets and the Internet can spread and enhance our knowledge of sexuality.

Hiring private escort girls for pleasure, watching adult videos online, reading erotic stories in magazines are some of the many branches of adult entertainment. Even in the current days, society is still see these things as taboos. We cannot really say who is right or wrong but putting a hindrance to the most natural thing in existence may have some setbacks as well.

Even if there are huge issues and conflicts in beliefs around the world about adult entertainment, it will certainly continue to exist as a part of the human civilization. It will always be able to cater to all the men and women that are open to their sexuality and give service to the lonely hearts that need the company.

Because of their reputation as home wreckers or third party lovers, society has frowned upon the concept and the practice of escorting in many countries all over the world. But in Australia, it is a completely different thing, because of their slightly liberal laws, escorting is a widely accepted job and escorts enjoy the market that a good economy and supportive government has for these ladies.

But even if that’s the case, there are still some gray areas that a lot of people need to know about escorts in Australia. Common misconceptions and myths are sometimes misunderstandings from ignorance, curiosity and rumors. To give you a lowdown, here are some of the most common misconceptions about escorts:

  • Escorting is a get-rich-quick scheme. Yes, escorts do receive huge paychecks by the end of every transaction, some could go up as high as $800 to $1000 an hour and that does not include the extras! But before you get on such a level in the escorting world, you need to work hard for it. Like many office based jobs, escorts work more than 40 hours a week in answering calls and emails, marketing online, attending meetings and many more.
  • Escorts are mentally and emotionally unstable. Real life is not exactly the same as movies where a desperate and broke chick that happens to be hot, gets into escorting because it is the only way to get money fast and ends up depressed and lonely. That is not the case in many high class escorts in Australia; these ladies are passionate about the job and indulging the joys of meeting new people.
  • Escorts need to do anything their client says. To tell you the truth, there are certain limitations and boundaries that clients need to respect. Independent escorts have their own restrictions about certain services such as serving couples, anal and heavy BDSM which can potentially not only harm themselves but their clients as well. Restrictions are there for a reason and we should consider them, heavily.
  • Escorts are dumb. Dealing with elite clients every day, sometimes serving as a companion in business events requires an escort to be knowledgeable, clever and well educated with great conversational skills. There are a lot of escorts in Australia that have college degrees and are well traveled but still continue to be escorts.
  • Escorts are hooked on to drugs. Because of another misconception in which drugs can heighten up a sexual experience, many people associate escorts with drug abuse when in fact it does not. As much as possible, escorts today stay away from narcotics or clients that are under the influence because of legalities that could jeopardize their reputation and business.

These are the top five most common myths about escorts in Australia. In spite the closeness of society’s minds about escorts, the business still continues to flourish in the continent and is continually growing for your pleasure.

December 13, 2008

Websites and new businesses being organised.  Newly added sites to private Girls.

Non sexual companions or nonsexual companionship site is now:






First Annual

Australasian Conference of Sacred Sexuality Educators

January 9, 10, 11, 2009

Melbourne Hinterlands (Yarra Valley)

A Gathering of Sexual Energy Healers, Workers, & Practitioners

Co-sponsored by Sensual Healing

and the Sedona Temple and School of Temple Arts International

pdfDownload a Conference Flyer


Who will be there and what will be happening?

The real question is, who will not be there! This conference will attract some of the best and most well-loved presenters in our field from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australasia. Come together with your spiritual family to play, share, learn, grow, laugh, cry, celebrate,network, refresh, love and be loved! Currently Baba Dez(US), Dr. Betty Martin (US), Triambika (US), Robyn Lynn (US), Marus Wegrzyn (Aus) and Andrew Barnes (Aus) are confirmed and the list is growing all the time.  Please refer back to the site often for the latest news and additions to the program.

Who is invited?

Please join us if you are: Currently working in the sacred sexual healing arts; In service to the world as a daka or dakini, or tantrika; beginning to realize that your calling as a sexworker has a more sacred dimension; or desiring to incorporate sexuality into your healing work.

Spouses, partners, family members, supporters and friends of practitioners are also welcome. If you’re not sure, give us a call and ask. This gathering will be a delightful blend of innocence and experience, beginners and advanced, from the worlds of tantra, sex education, escorting, bodywork, massage, counseling, therapy and spiritual awakening.

Why should I come?

You should join us because sacred sexuality enriches our lives! You should join us because we will be sharing our wisdom with one another – emotionally, spiritually, physically, practically, legally, and financially. You should join us because it is healing to be with peers who understand the unique pressures and challenges of working in this field, to remember that you are not alone. And you should join us because it is powerful to relate to people who know how to fully embrace life.

What will I learn?

We will hear presentations from some of the most successful teachers and practitioners in our field. There will be a blend of presentations,hands-on demonstrations, and group wisdom circles with open discussions. We will be showcasing new books and other educational tools as well as screening documentaries and films on Sacred Sexuality, its Teachers and Practitioners.



Baba Dez Nichols: Keynote Speaker : Sacred Sexual Healing- The Shaman Method of Sex Magic

Dr Betty Martin: Bringing sexuality into your healing practice or healing into your sexual practice

Triambika Ejaculatory Mastery

Marus Wegrzyn: Sensual Healing & Creating Alliances Down Under

Robyn Lynn: From Sexwork to Sacred Sexwork

Katherine Cunningham: Orgasmic Birth? Orgasmic Bleeding! The blood and the Libido.

Meredith Sands Keator: Remembering Wilhelm Reich

Andrew Barnes: Male therapist working with female clients in sexual healing, Female Ejaculation Workshop

Pauline Halfpapp– The Jade Lotus Method of Tantra


Conference Schedule:

Friday, January 9, 10:00 am  through Sunday January 11, 5:00 pm. We will post a current conference schedule on December 9th, 2009

What does it cost?

Admission to the conference is a great deal at $400; only $300 if you have attended any previous School of Temple Arts International Conferences.

What about Lodging and Meals?

Lodging,and meals are not included but we have negotiated a great dealforstaying at Warburton Lodge which can accommodate 44 guests.ContactWarburton Lodge: www.warburtonlodge.com.au January is peakholiday season- so the sooner you book your accommodation- the betterchance you have!

Where can I direct my questions?

Baba Dez from School of Temple Arts International and the Sedona Temple


928-282-8511  or   928-204-1806

P.O.Box 3054, Sedona, AZ 86340

Marus Wegrzyn (mah’roosh) from Sensual Healing


928-204-1806 (US) or  + 613 5966 9848 (AUS)

TempleSpace, 3464 Warburton Highway, Warburton, Melb, Australia 3799




On Line: www.greentix.com.au – Go to “The First Annual Australasian Conference of Sacred Sexuality Educators”

By Phone: Please contact: Marus’ (mah’roosh)  ph: + 61 3 5966 9848 E-mail: info@sensualhealing.com.au

By Mail: Please send your payment to: SensualHealing, C/o TempleSpace 3464 Warburton Highway, Warburton, Melbourne. Australia 3799



Where is Yarra Valley and how do I get there?

The Upper Yarra Valley is 72km east of the Melbourne CBD. TempleSpace3464 Warburton Highway Warburton 3799 Victoria, Australia. Mel. ref -290  c4 Phone:  0359 66 9848 (Leave message if office unattended)

Marus  0411 228 187